What You Will Get

Real world commercial experience

Part of the practical exercises will be actual real commercial projects you can work on, gaining vital commercial experience in the field. Employers always love to see real world experience, some even rate this over any formal qualifications such as degree’s.

So the course is a mixture of structured material as well as real world experience, which everyone wants these days. Your time is used reliably and only used to make real projects come alive, projects that can help people and make a difference to the world. Rather than being wasted on boring dull exercises and demo projects that never get to the see the light of day, this way you feel more productive and feel you really are contributing something and really are making a difference, even whilst training!

Earn while you learn

Once you have reached a certain proficiency level, you will even start getting paid while you continue to learn and grow!

Conscious Programming Methodology (Balanced healthy lifestyle)

As always in life, you need to maintain a healthy balance between work and play, we like to combine these together. As part of our daily working and training best practices we use a combination of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice.

We take regular breaks away from the computer desk as well as keep people aware of their body, posture and breathing, even whilst working, this is just part of the new Conscious Programming Methodology that NextGen Software will be introducing to the rest of the world very soon… 

Expect a lot of groundbreaking, trend setting projects to be rolling out from NextGen Software in the future…

Help your local community

This will also help your local community by getting kids off the streets making people feel safer and giving future job prospects to those who would normally not have any. It will also help give kids something positive to focus on, which will not only better themselves, it will also help the rest of the community, country and world by helping bring into reality our shared vision of our new world where there is peace over war, where we are all connected and united as one over being separated, where love is the predominate force over fear. Help increase the standard of living within your community.

Help your country

This will also help bring unemployment down, help the economy recover as well as help fill the highly skilled labour/specialist deficit in the country. Eventually we will expand into other countries and then we will also help them in the same way.

Release your creativity and imagination!

Here at NextGen Software, we actively encourage you to be as creative and imaginative as possible. We already have a ton of awesome ideas, but are always happy to hear on ways to improve them further or perhaps even brand new ideas we haven’t thought of yet! If you do come up with a novel successful idea, you will be fully credited for that idea, such as a game or app for example. You will also win a reward such as a relaxing tranquil holiday or perhaps a large cash reward. You will also of course earn karma and receive the Genius badge/reward in the OASIS/Our World! 😊


As touched on above, we will also offer rewards as incentives for completing various modules as well as extra rewards for getting high marks or for making a significant contribution to one of our commercial products. These may range from a gift voucher or tickets to a luxury holiday and high cash rewards. You will again receive karma and badges/rewards to level up your avatar in Our World/The OASIS.

We help find your strengths and Gifts

Everyone has their own special and unique strengths and gifts, we want to help you find yours. We can then work with you to hone and develop these further. Likewise, we can help identify any weaknesses and work with you to turn these into your strengths.

Courses tailored to YOU so you can achieve your FULL potential

The course is tailored around YOU as an individual, we can find what modules and training  techniques work best for you. Likewise, we can find what roles would best suit you and work with you to help achieve your full potential.

We want YOU to succeed

We want you to succeed and we are here every step of the way to ensure you are…

State of the art learning and teaching techniques

We have teamed up with our partners Myndwise to make our teaching techniques even more effective so we can actually record real-time performance metrics and then adjust the content and techniques to optimise the learning process and enable you to become the best you possibly can be.

Flexible Modules – Do what YOU want to do

The beautiful thing about our training is that it is totally flexible and is tailored to what YOU want to do, so many courses out there do bits and pieces of what you want but another one does some other bits of what you want to do. If only you could pick the bits (modules) you wanted to do from both and not have to do all the other boring bits you don’t want to do.

Well, we are pleased to say, now you can…

No Time Restrictions – Fit around your life, not the other way round

There are also no time restrictions so you are free to fit the course around your life and just fit in what you can when you can. But remember the sooner you complete a certain amount of modules, the sooner you will start earning while you’re learning, the more you complete, the more you get paid…

No Previous experience or qualifications required

You do not need any qualifications or previous experience, all you need is a willingness to learn and commitment, we will take care of the rest..

Work From Home

Since the course is entirely online to begin with, you can work within the comfort of your own home. This will make it easier to fit it around your busy house life.

Healthy Living Training

Taught valuable practical healthy living guidelines such as nutrition, exercise, mediation, mindfulness,being with nature & yoga. These are fully integrated into the training programme and daily working practices.