What Do We Get Out Of It?


We know what you are thinking, it all sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  We know we would be thinking that ourselves, but honestly hand on heart we are completely open and transparent in all our dealings and NEVER have any hidden costs or small print. We have nothing to hide so would invite any legal people to review our terms, what there are of them (very little compared to most modern over complicated companies out there).

All we get out of it is help bringing our life and world changing projects into reality, we want to help as many people as possible and as quickly as possible. That is where you come in, we simply just do not have the extensive and massive resources we would need to bring almost an unlimited number of projects into reality. And that is now, once we grow and get more resource (you we hope), we will have many more ground breaking projects to develop and release. But our flagship product Our World will be our main focus and we need all hands on deck to get this built ASAP! Have you seen Ready Player One? The OASIS seen in that book and film is the closest thing to Our World and even that does not do justice for what we have planned… 😉

But with the number we currently have, we thought it was time to stop thinking up ideas and instead get all of the help we can get to help make them a reality. We finally want to start seeing the positive changes we are having on people and the world.