Our Mission


Our mission at NextGen Software, along with our partners, is to help make the world a better place by using technology for good rather than evil, by bringing people together and to support, guide and educate everyone on how they can all live happier, fulfilling life’s united as ONE. We want to connect people both within their local communities and across the globe.

We will show how people can turn their life’s around and also on how they can support & help each other as well as themselves. We will give people the encouragement, support and power they need to make a real difference and how they can also help and improve our environment by going green and beyond.

We can help educate people how to be at peace with themselves and the world by teaching in fun ways techniques such as mindfulness, mediation, yoga, etc

We will eventually hope to be getting our training and fun games into all schools, colleges and Universities around the world, and this is only the beginning…

We want YOU and your family to be happy and to live full fulfilling life’s, together as one, we can all be the change we wish to see in our world…

Projects are aimed at all and every type of person, age, background, etc. we have plans on how to reach every soul, we will be offering FREE training for ALL regardless of who they are and their background.

Yes, it is true, we really are run by LOVE, and not by money, unfortunately at this time, money still helps make the world go round, but it is LOVE which really keeps everything going, we envision one day money will be a thing of the past and then LOVE really will be the only thing keeping the world and everyone in it alive, happy, connected and at peace with all that is.

All profits we make get fed back into the business to help fund more projects and initiatives to help even more people. The rest goes to many charities including Cancer Research UK, Age UK, NSPCC, Save The Children, The Greenlight Foundation (replanting trees in the rain forest, etc), The Salvation Army, Plan (Sponsoring children in Africa), Animal Protection Agency, Help For Heroes, UNICEF, and Educate For Life amongst many more.

As we grow we will not only donate more and more to these charities but we will expand to sponsor even more charities including helping to restore the planets beautiful rain forests as well as other green environmental initiatives.

We have plans to expand in the future with:

  • NextGen People – We intend to harness all of the non techie bits in this course such as mediation, mindfulness, yoga, etc and make these available as separate standalone courses. We have many ideas on how we can expand this further in future…
  • NextGen Education  – This will expand further from NextGen People, and will be integrated with the fun apps & games we will be creating for kids. We hope to eventually get this vital education into all Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • NextGen Music – Will cover a whole range of new genre setting music from relaxing/chill out to full on club anthems, of which some will of course be used in our games & apps.
  • NextGen Technology – This will be our hardware department, which will invent and build new ground breaking hardware, which will be used by our games, apps, etc.
  • NextGen Labs (Science)  – This will be the final pre-planned department we will open and will be dedicated to improving the standard of living for all across the globe (rich or poor) such as finding a cure for cancer and clean renewable energy amongst many more…
  • NextGen Films – We may at some point during our journey together decide to also move into the film industry to make very entertaining blockbuster films but also teach valuable lessons that can benefit all of humanity.
  • NextGen TV – Likewise, we may also decide to move into the television industry for the greater good of all…
  • NextGen X – TOP SECRET, all will be revealed in divine timing… 😉

Please come and join us, all are welcome, be part of the change you wish to see in the world. Get FREE training whilst you earn while you learn and help bring into reality our shared vision of our new world where there is peace over war, where we are all connected and united as one over being separated, where love is the predominate force over fear. Love conquerors fear, always.

We want to restore balance to the people across the world, we want TRUE EQUALITY for ALL, together we are stronger, together we are ONE. We want to bring TRUE abundance for ALL…