About Us


NextGen Software Ltd was created in 2010 to bring you tomorrow’s software and technology today. We provide software for both today’s and the next generation of people.

We specialise, and take great pride, in providing the end user with a very rich user experience. The latest cutting-edge technologies give the ability to create previously unprecedented user interfaces and experiences.

Although this technology is not yet widely used, we hope to help contribute to changing that.

This new technology is evolving and changing all of the time and it is hard work sometimes to keep up with it all. That is where we come in, we are continuously looking at new and exciting technologies that can help improve the end user experience and improve business processes.

Unlike larger companies who cannot change and adapt very quickly, we can constantly change, adapt, and evolve, as the environment changes around us.

As new technologies emerge and existing technologies evolve, we update our products to make use of the latest improvements. Normally you would expect to have to pay for this privilege but not with us. So, when you invest in our products, you are not only investing in the present, you are also investing in the future…

NextGen Software Ltd provides educational, fitness, well-being, health & fun software to help make peoples life’s better and this also caters for Special Needs, whilst at the same time teaching the importance of looking after our environment.

We specialise in educating the world about mindfulness, meditation, yoga etc in fun exciting ways for the whole family though apps & games.

We build apps and games to help make the world a better place…

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